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Roof Raises

Buses are a great foundation for building an adventure rig due to their robust steel frame, as they were meant to protect small children. You might be taller than them though and we can help make your ceiling height that of a standard house!


As a primary source of power, or a backup source to renewable energy, fossil fuels in the form of propane or generators can be an efficient way to stay off the grid regardless of weather patterns. Many clients power their heating elements this way. 

Fossil Fuels 

Interior Buildouts

From hardwood floors to spray foam to beautiful cabinets, we've got you covered. We also do electrical, plumbing, radiant floor heating and any customizations 

necessary to make it nice and cozy inside your new home on wheels.  

engine swap_edited.jpg

From installing performance upgrades for increased power, to changing out your rear differential for fine tuning your highway characteristics, to swapping out your whole engine & everything in between. We are here to beef up any drivetrain! 

Mechanical Work

Renewable Energy

Solar panels, wind turbines and hydroelectric

generators are all excellent solutions to harness mother nature's energy without harming the environment. An adequate renewable energy system could power all your electrical needs.


The foundation of Coachworks rests on custom work and we pride ourselves in tailoring each and every project to fit the client's specific needs. From living off grid in an Adventure Rig to hot rods, everything on wheels is fair game in our book.  

Custom Work

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