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- placing orders online through the site are at the old $20/pc.


- orders via email where an emailed electroic invoice is sent are at $18/pc price


- orders placed via mailing cash are at $15/pc price.

If purchasing via this cash option, Email us the following info with "cash purchase" in the subject field to :

-style of your bus / or style of hat channel.

-the quantity needed

-complete shipping information

We will then email you an invoice showing total amount due to send in priority express envelope (7.95 s&h ) as it will provide a tracking number if anything happens.





Take your conversion to new heights with the ORIGINAL Coachworks fabricated hat channel extensions. These kits have been the go to choice for DIY and professional builders alike since 2014. Often copied but never equalled! Our products are fabricated 100% In-House which ensures the quality and innovation that Coachworks is known for!


**** All body styles read notes below on verifying Quantity needed.

**** BlueBird and Thomas bodies use the Deep style hat channel. 

**** AmTram / International bodies use the Shallow style hat channel.

**** Other body styles see notes below on verifying style.


Hat Channel Extension

  • Please be sure to verify your piece count to avoid delays on your build and additional shipping costs. 


    Do not base your quantity on the window count alone, there is often one or two additional hat channel ribs lurking behind the skins! Gutting your interior first will ensure the most accurate count. 


    Once gutted, you will be able to identify whether you require the deep or shallow style channel (*Deep roughly 1 7/8" *Shallow roughly 1 1/2").


    Some buses (such as AmTram and Carpenter) have additional structual tubing inside the hat channel. This style requires a different product. It is reccommended to remove a trim cap on the exterior rib that falls between the windows to verify your rig has the additional tubing.


    We also DO NOT reccomend raising any rig higher than 20". If your build requires a length greater than 20", or you desire a length that is between the three offered sizes, please fill out our "Request a Quote" form on the home page and we will provide a custom quote based on your length requirements.


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